Beneficial effects

What Red Wine Can Give You

Had a long day? Perhaps you can get that bottle of red wine from your kitchen cabinet you’ve been safekeeping all along and take a sip! Red wine, as you probably already know, has numerous health benefits to offer. But before that, check out for your kitchen cabinet needs.

Let’s move on to what red wine can give you.


According to a study conducted by the scientists of the University of Barcelone, phenols in red wine give drinkers antioxidants. Their antioxidants are lower or equal to the antioxidants found in white wine.

A Healthy Heart

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Red wine contains tannins, and these tannins have procyanidins. These procyanidins are phenols responsible for neutralizing free radicals and are effective in the prevention of cardiovascular illness.

Researchers from the Israel Institute of Technology found that red wine also enhances a drinker’s blood vessel cell health, which improves blood flow. When the flow of blood is better, the heart is healthier, and there will be smaller chances of acquiring heart diseases.

A Slimmer Bod

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According to the study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, piceatannol hinders the development of fat cells. It can do so by binding to the insulin receptors of fat cells and obstructing the pathways needed for these immature fat cells to grow and mature. In case you didn’t know, piceatannol is a chemical compound which human bodies convert from resveratrol. And resveratrol is a polyphenol compound found in red wine, known for having antioxidant properties.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Red wine involves the skin of grapes, hence the color. These grape skins, an excellent source of resveratrol, help people with diabetes in the regulation of their blood sugar as per a study published in the Nutrition Journal. Those who took resveratrol supplements had remarkable decreases in their total cholesterol as well as systolic blood pressure. Their glucose levels were also smaller than those who didn’t take 250mg resveratrol pills once a day for three months. It is then safe to say that resveratrol can help trigger insulin secretion or activate a protein which aids in glucose regulation and insulin sensitivity.

Long Life

red wine glass pourDrinking red wine can lengthen your life!

According to the researchers at Harvard Medical School, resveratrol activates a protein (as mentioned earlier) that serves as an anti-aging instrument. If you drink red wine, your overall health will increase, promoting long life. And c’mon, who doesn’t want to live long?


Beneficial effects

To Drink or Not to Drink: White Wine

Unlike the perfect grow lights setup you have when growing indoor cannabis, white wine isn’t as perfect as you think it is. Like most food and drink, consuming too much wine can cause trouble. But it has health benefits too! Let’s see what white wine can give us.



Researchers from the Ankara University found that white wine contains antioxidants. Although red grape juice and red wine contained higher levels of antioxidants, the difference, as well as the defense of cells from oxidation, wasn’t considerably greater than white wine’s. Antioxidants slow aging effects by decreasing the damage caused by free radicals. They also protect eye vision and lessen the effects of aging on the skin.

Healthy lung tissues

white wine glassStudies have shown that white wine contributes to the good health of lung tissues—one thing red wine doesn’t give. In 2002, Buffalo School of Medicine researchers found that drinking white wine moderately can improve lung health. It was then proven to be effective in preventing the development of lung disease. Some studies also show that it can improve cardiovascular health.

Prevention of breast cancer

White wine has also been effective in preventing breast cancer. In 2010, researchers from the University of Wisconsin discovered that white wine could protect cells from breast cancer just as red wine could.


Apart from its beneficial antioxidants, white wine also contains fluoride, which is great for the teeth; potassium, which strengthens the bones; and phosphorus, which improves digestion. It also gives energy to the body (around 80-100 calories).

However, even though there are benefits such as these, there are still cons behind white wine consumption.



White wines are the most acidic wines, which means drinking too much could worsen your teeth.


Compared to red wines, they have higher sugar content.

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Liver disease

Consuming too much of white wine can cause liver disease because white wine is still alcohol in itself.


Basically, if you want to drink white wine, do so moderately; otherwise, you’ll end up acquiring its disadvantages.


Beneficial effects

Beneficial Effects of Drinking Wine

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Wine drinkers are on to something. Drinking wine, at least in recommended amounts every day, is good for your health. Various studies made the potential benefits of wine show that one glass or two of drink every day can improve your health.

Fights depression

Drinking wine can be a stress reliever. It helps you relax after a long, busy day. But it does not only promote relaxation. Research suggests that individuals who have two to seven drinks of wine every week are less susceptible to developing depression. So the next time you are feeling the blues, you may want to have that one glass of wine to give your mood a boost.

Reduces cholesterol levels

Resveratrol, which is one of the substances found in red wine, purportedly helps in lowering LDL and increasing the good cholesterol HDL. The key is to drink wine in moderation meaning to get the potential benefits, you have to make sure that you stick to recommended amounts – one glass of wine every day for women and two glasses at most for men.

Lowers the risk Type 2 diabetes

Research conducted to over 300,000 individuals over a period of 12 years revealed that those who drink moderately were less prone to developing type 2 diabetes. Resveratrol is again believed to be one of the factors that help in lowering the risk developing the disease.

Helps you live longer

A research conducted in Finland shows that individuals who drink wine have lower mortality rate by as much as 34%. This is further supported by a discovery where people living in a certain area in the island of Ikarios tend to live longer than most. A look into their lifestyle revealed that drinking wine is part of their every day routines.

Reduces risks of certain types of cancer

Studies show that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can cut the risk of certain types of cancer. Red wine is believed to help in inhibiting aromatase, which is useful to breast tumors and thus could potentially increase the risk of cancer. Drinking wine in moderation can also lower the risks of colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Improves body functions like exercise

According to researchers from the University of Alberta, resveratrol in red wine promotes brain, bone, and heart function. The beneficial effects are similar to what exercise triggers in the body. It is said that drinking a glass of red wine can have the potential benefits you get from one hour of exercise at the gym.